Homebound Service

Homebound services are not a disciplinary placement or a program for students to make up missed assignments. It is a medical decision only that initiates services. Homebound services consist of a minimum of four hours of academic instruction per week. Any schoolwork missed prior to the assignment of a homebound instructor is the responsibility of the school. We provide homebound services during the school year only. Services are available to students that miss school due to illness, disease, accident, or other health conditions. A "homebound" student is unable to attend regular class for a period of three school months or more during a school year or for intermittent periods of time totaling three school months during a school year.

If you are considering homebound services, first the nurse will need to determine with the school registrar and school staff if the student meets the policy standards for exclusions and exemptions from school attendance (chronic health conditions via board policy-JHD). If not, we require a physician’s letter, Physician’s Referral form, and a Parent Authorization for Release of Information form from the family/student. These forms are located in the school nurse’s office at all schools.

The parent/guardian needs to have a medical physician complete all sections of the Physician’s Referral form. Then, the parent/guardian needs to sign the Parent Authorization for Release of Information form and return both forms to the school nurse. The school nurse will date stamp, check for completion, and fax the forms to the district office. We keep the original forms at the school and provide a date stamped copy to the parents. Forms which are incomplete or have areas marked as “unknown” will be returned to the school nurse for the physician to complete. The district office will notify the nurse when home bound eligibility has been determined. (Please note that medical documentation is secured annually.)

When homebound eligibility is determined, the nurse will e-mail this decision to the home school administrator,504 coordinator, counselor, registrar, and the classroom teacher(s) with the name of the contact person at the school.

The district office collaborates with the staff to assign a homebound instructor to attend the initial services meeting. The nurse will e-mail the identified contact person and homebound instructor to schedule the initial services meeting within three school days. The identified contact person will arrange an initial services meeting with the parent(s), homebound instructor, administrator, 504 coordinator, registrar and classroom teacher(s). This meeting will determine the following as outlined in the Homebound Instructional Plan (HIP) and the Homebound Accountability Guidelines (HAG).

  • Determine what, if any accommodations or services the student was receiving prior to homebound.
  • Determine current status of assignments prior to homebound.
  • Determine whether the student needs a homebound instructor. 
  • Establish a schedule with the family If a homebound instructor is needed.
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