Union Elementary School Reopening 2015-2016

District Additional Assistance Reduction and Classroom Spending Plan

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Achievement TODAY for an EXCEPTIONAL Tomorrow

Welcome to the online home of Union Elementary School District # 62. We are here to make sure every child receives the best education possible. Your child’s education is our #1 priority. Our teachers are excellent, and they have the expertise needed to challenge your child while making sure that each student has the necessary tools and materials to reach his or her academic goals.

Feel free to browse around and see what Union Elementary School District #62 has to offer. We are sure you will like what you see.

Superintendent Top Happenings

September 2015

The Dos Rios boys and girls soccer season kicks off today. Girls are on the road at Kings Ridge, and the boys are home against Kings Ridge. Good luck to them on the games today and for a winning season.

To see the full list, please visit our Superintendent Top Happenings page.

Student Accident Insurance

The Union Elementary School District is working with Markel Specialty to offer parents an option to purchase student accident insurance. Please view our flyer (Español) for more information.

St. Mary's Food Bank

On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, Union Elementary School District housed the St. Mary's Food Bank for our community. We served 185 adults and 208 children through the food bank in Union Elementary School's newly re-opened school cafeteria. This endeavor was a success, and we would like to thank the school parent organizations, district maintenance department, Ms. Bustos, our district school counselor, and Bill Martin, Union's day porter, for the team work and organization provided to our families. We were able to serve our families water, juice, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, squash, spinach, bread, and carrots.

Food Bank

Professional Development

When the kids are at play our teachers and staff are hard at work developing new skills to help make our schools the best they can be!

Full day professional developments give teachers an opportunity to have an uninterrupted day of learning. It isn’t just for our teachers though; our support staff also receives professional development as it relates to their positions. The paraprofessionals and transportation department participated in the annual training on deescalation. It focused on the proper and safe way to deescalate a student’s behavior should it escalate.

Be sure to take a moment to view some of the photos from our latest professional development.

November 2015 Bond Information

The Union Elementary School District governing board approved a resolution in June allowing the district to organize and put forth a bond election on November 3, 2015. For information on the bond and how it will be used in our district, please take a moment to read the bond fact sheet and frequently asked questions

Fiscal Year 2016 Proposed Budget is Now Available

In accordance with our district's policy of full disclosure, we invite you to view the following information.

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